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YOGA - What is it ?

  1. Clearing blockages (moving stagnate energy around and out of the body)
  2. Nurturing our internal environment: body, mind and spirit
  3. Asana/postures 
  4. Pranayama/breathing
  5. A haven of silence (the conscious withdrawal of energy from the senses)
  6. Concentration
  7. Meditation - extended periods of relaxed concentration naturally lead to meditation
  8. Complete absorption





So I want to let you know why I love what you do:
you take the time to explain & correct each pose
you explain what each pose does for the body/mind/soul
you speak with a level-headed-authority
you're not wofty
you come from the heart
you have fun with us
you have a healing/safe presents
I always leave a class feeling like I've just enriched my being by just being there



I ❤️ Yoga because it gives me clarity of mind, calms my thoughts, increases my flexibility and gives me lots of energy.



There is nothing more special than the bond between mother and daughter.  When this can be celebrated and shared through a session of YOGA with Ella, all the weeks troubles and city angst disappears leaving us refreshed, recharged and better connected.  Fields of YOGA is a breath of fresh air and our recipe for a wonderful start to the weekend ahead. 


Our first and definitely not last yoga retreat was a success. Ella made our girls weekend effortless and accommodated for each of our yoga levels. We walked away from the weekend feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. The food was heaven and our bodies appreciated the cleansing detox. We are going to make this an annual girls weekend away. It was honestly perfect!  Thanks Ella


Attended my first Supported Restorative Yoga class last night with Ella, and I was blown away with the simple poses that compromised the class. Ella was so attentive to everyones needs and I felt truly pampered and restored when the class was over. 


I have absolutley loved your classes, you are such a caring and calming person, we are blessed to have you as our yoga teacher.  I have benefited so much that I feel yoga has been life changing for me.


Restorative Yoga is the same as having a massage - TRACEY G





I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely Restorative class and Vinyasa Flow practice.  I really relished both experiences and it has made me feel so much more relaxed and positive about moving up to Mansfield.  I look forward to coming along next time I visit and practicing regularly when I move up at the end of the year. Thank you and Namaste.