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About Ella & Fields of YOGA: 

Ella teaches Vinyasa Flow for all levels of ability, Supported Restorative Yoga and Meditation.  Ella completed the Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training with Applied Intergrative Movement Specialist, Carl Montgomery and Anatomy & Senior Yoga teacher, Jenni Morrison Jack. This training also presented the opportunity to learn from Simon Borg-Olivier in 2016.  Prior to Post Grad studies, Ella successfully completed a 12 month Advanced Diploma of YOGA with Australian Yoga Academy, over 500 hours and continuing in Teacher Training. Ella also has a deep and profound respect for the YOUNG LIVING essential oils company based in the USA.  She incorporates the oils into her families life and into every practice that she leads.  



Self Confidence Mastery Course (7 hours) - Chiara Sharp November/December 2020

- Yoga and Healing Summit - Alicia - Tips for Self Care, Erica - Movement and Yoga Class, Marc - Practical Ways to be Healthy, Monique - Yoga Class for Trauma, Dr Prathibha - Women's Health, Ambika - Classical Yoga, Simon Borg Olivier - Health & Happiness, Janaya - Relaxation Meditation, Sara - Yoga and Ayurveda: Aligning Health, September 2020.  (15 hours) 

High Vibrational Living Masterclasses - Chiara Sharp August 2020 (6 hours) 

- Yoga for Stress, Anxiety & Fatigue - Beata Rose June 2020 (7 hours) 

- Simon Borg-Olivier - Energise, nourish and strengthen your body while developing blissful, grounded calmness (6 hours)

- Personalize your practice Sidsel Yoga @ Time for YOGA, Armadale (4 hours)

- Mindfullness & Meditation for Children - Ann Love of Mindful Moments - (6 hours)

- Introduction to Iyengar - Vanessa Hewson (2 hours) 

- Mental Health First Aid YOUTH (16 hours) 

- Sensing Within Sidsel Hollingsworth - The Retreat Yoga - Yoga & Young Living Essential Oils Workshop (3 hours) 2018

- Donna Farhi - Befriending the Body - Befriending the Self (32.5 hours) 

- Energetic Presence - Vinyasa Class - Danielle Sherlock (3 hours) 

- Strengthen Your Asana - (AYA) - Jodi Sheafe (3 hours) 

- Winter Warmer Workshop - Sidsel Yoga - Young Living 100% pure grade essential oils (3 hours)

- Public Master Class - Simon Borg-Olivier (3 hours) 

- Supported Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Australian College of Classical Yoga (5.5 hours)

- Level 2 First Aid, CPR, Asthma & Anaphylaxis, October 2020

- Certificate in Safeguarding Children YMCA VIC

- Working with Children Check VIC 

- Australian Yoga Conference, Sydney, Leslie Kaminoff, (14 hours)

- Connecting to the Core Workshop (AYA): Margaux Lovett (5 hours)

- The Art of Adjustment @ Ihana Yoga: Jenni Morrison Jack (5 hours)

- The Art of Adjustment @ Australian Yoga Academy: Dominique Salerno (5 hours) 

- YIN A Whole Body Flow, Mysan Sidbo (AYA) Master Class (8 hours)

- Certificate in Equine Myofunctional Therapy, National College of Traditional Medicine 

- Declor Spa Treatment Certificate, DECLEOR


- Advanced Diploma of YOGA - Australian Yoga Academy, Prahran  - 350 hours

- Post Graduate of Yoga Teacher Training - Ihana Yoga, St Kilda -150 hours 

- Level 1 resgistered Yoga Australia 

Ella has been teaching all over North East Victoria for 6 years and still attends Teacher Trainings and insightful Workshops to enhance her knowledge and learn new skills.  Yoga means UNION & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. YOGA helps everyone to gain a deeper understanding of themselves. It is a practice.  The benifits are: lengthening and strengthening muscles through the entire body, breathing naturally and fully helps us to remain present, which brings the body, mind and soul into balance.

Each practice is coupled with a corresponding Young Living essential oil.  The classes are a wellbeing experience, that focus on your nautral breathing, natural movement patterns, spinal health and clearing the mind through moving and still meditation.