Ella McRae Mansfield Yoga Classes

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Fields of Yoga Class Timetable

Day of the week Time Where Class Type Length
Tuesday 6:30am FIELDS of YOGA studio Vinyasa Flow 1 hour
Wednesday 5:45pm FIELDS of YOGA studio Restorative 85 minutes
Thursday 9:30am FIELDS of YOGA studio Back to Basics 1 hour
Please see the location page for details on how to find us.


* MANSFIELD JANUARY 2020 CLASSES located in the heart of Mansfield: 

Tuesdays 6.30am        Vinyasa Flow for Strength and Mobility

Wednesdays 5.45pm   Restorative Yoga

Thursdays 9.00am      Back to Basics

Fridays 9.00am          Vinyasa Flow for Strength and Mobility  


Monday 13th Jan 2020

Monday 20th Jan 2020 (held at private outdoor venue on Jamieson River, must be pre-booked)

Monday 27th Jan 2020

Monday 3rd Feb 2020


VINYASA FLOW for strength and mobility:  ( VINYASA: to place in a special way) - Gracefully moving the body with the breath. Will lengthen and strengthen muscles and helps with spinal health, circulation and joint mobilisation. Flow into a deep meditation. Postures can be modified and suits all levels as modifications are offered.  

SUPPORTED RESTORATIVE YOGA - A systematic method producing deep relaxation into the subconscious mind, Supported Restorative Yoga, releases tension on three levels; muscular, emotional and mental. Through the guidance of an experienced teacher and in a comfortable position, you learn to induce your own state of relaxation. Moving away from outer experiences, through breath work and postures that are a joy to be in, you consciously turn inward, cultivating your own inner knowing, culminating in a renewed sense of harmony and wellness. All students are encouraged to explore this powerful practice - no previous yoga experience is required.

TEEN BEANS (Grade 6 and Year 7) - The group meet once a week; for six weeks to learn simple Mindfulness/Meditation techniques:  Mindful posture, mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful eating, mindful listening and kindness and acceptance meditations. Learn these life enhancing skills in a private and small group environment.  




$20.00 Casual Vinyasa Flow 

$30.00 Casual Jamieson Class 

$26.00 Casual Restorative Yoga

$75.00 Private practice /1 person or $50.00 each/2 person 

$250.00 YOGA PASS unlimited (2 months) 

$108.00 - Teen Beans 6 week course 


Electronic Funds Transfer or cash payments only
(Payment 24 hours prior to class start time will secure your booking)

Account name: E McRae
BSB: 013 714
Account Number: 28709 8868