Ella McRae Mansfield Yoga Classes

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Fields of Yoga Class Timetable

Day of the week Time Where Class Type Length
Monday 9:30am Jamieson Town Hall Vinyasa Flow 75 minutes
Tuesday 6:30am FIELDS of YOGA studio Vinyasa Flow 1 hour
Wednesday 5:30pm FIELDS of YOGA studio Restorative 85 minutes
Thursday 9:30am FIELDS of YOGA studio Back to Basics 1 hour
Saturday 9:30am FIELDS of YOGA studio Vinyasa Flow 1 hour
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* Please note: the next Saturday class is: Saturday 19th Ocotber 



JAMIESON CLASSES: New 4 week block of classes commences on Monday 7th October 2019. 

VINYASA FLOW (to place in a special way) - Gracefully moving the body with the breath. Will lengthen and strengthen muscles and helps with spinal health, circulation and joint mobilisation. Flow into a deep meditation. Postures can be modified and suits all levels. 

SUPPORTED RESTORATIVE YOGA - A systematic method producing deep relaxation into the subconscious mind, Supported Restorative Yoga, releases tension on three levels; muscular, emotional and mental. Through the guidance of an experienced teacher and in a comfortable position, you learn to induce your own state of relaxation. Moving away from outer experiences, through breath work and postures that are a joy to be in, you consciously turn inward, cultivating your own inner knowing, culminating in a renewed sense of harmony and wellness. All students are encouraged to explore this powerful practice - no previous yoga experience is required.

ADULTS & KIDS 6 WEEK MINDFULNESS COURSE - Classes of 4-5 adults or children meet once a week; for six weeks to learn simple Mindfulness/Meditation techniques:  Mindful posture, mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful eating, mindful listening and kindness and acceptance meditations. Learn these life enhancing tools as a family.  



$20.00 Casual Vinyasa Flow 

$26.00 Casual Restorative Yoga

$15.00 Mindfulness Course x 6 weeks 

$25.00 Mindfullness Course/1 person 

$75.00 Private practice /1 person or $50.00 each/2 person 


Electronic Funds Transfer or cash payments only
(Payment 24 hours prior to class start time will secure your booking)

Account name: E McRae
BSB: 013 714
Account Number: 28709 8868