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Fields of YOGA studio base is located at 13 Highett Street Mansfield @ The Space. 


Fields of YOGA studio base is located at the Jamieson Community Town Hall every Monday - The next group of 6 classes resumes: 

MONDAY 20th May 2019.


Mindfullness and Meditation - 6 week course FOR KIDS begins:

THURSDAY 25th MAY 2019




Ella teaches Vinyasa Flow, Supported Restorative Yoga, Meditation and KIDS Yoga.   Ella completed the Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training with Applied Intergrative Movement Specialist, Carl Montgomery and Anatomy & Senior Yoga teacher, Jenni Morrison Jack, Simon Borg-Olivier and Sarah Fletcher in 2016.  Prior to that, Ella successfully completed the 12 month Advanced Diploma of YOGA with Australian Yoga Academy, over 500 hours in Teacher Training. In late March, Ella completed a 5 day immersion with Donna Farhi - Befriending the Body, Befriending the Self.   Ella teaches from the heart and encourages healthy & natural movement patterns, that are anotomically and energetically researched. Her own practice is at the forefront of her teaching. 

Ella is a Level 1 registered YOGA TEACHER with YOGA AUSTRALIA, this means updating and renewing yoga skills and teacher trainings that are part of Professional Development. Other teacher trainings have included:  Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with the Australian College of Classical Yoga and in 2017, Ella certified as an Austswim Teacher.  Ella also has a background in Day Spa's and uses 100% pure grade YOUNG LIVING essential oils for her families general health. These essential oils enhance the YOGA experience. 

I love YOGA as it moves stagnant energy into feelings of relaxation, calmness and safety and creates a further connection to your inner world  It is a practice that supports you to be more present, grounded and earthed and if you DO THE WORK/PRACTICE that suits you, as an individual, it is an anchor for natural health and wellbeing.  YOGA has connected me to my true self and to amazingly like minded people who are on this planet to make positive change through self study and unconditional love & service for others.   My other loves are: Travel, nature, energetic sciences and family. 



VINYASA (to place in a special way) FLOW - Gracefully moving the body with the breath.  Will lengthen and strengthen muscles and helps with spinal health, circulation and joint mobilisation.  Flow into a deep meditation.  Postures can be modified and suits all levels. 


RESTORATIVE - A systematic method producing deep relaxation into the subconscious mind, Supported Restorative Yoga, releases tension on three levels; muscular, emotional and mental. Through the guidance of an experienced teacher and in a comfortable position, you learn to induce your own state of relaxation. Moving away from outer experiences, through breath work and postures that are a joy to be in, you consciously turn inward, cultivating your own inner knowing, culminating in a renewed sense of harmony and wellness. All students are encouraged to explore this powerful practice - no previous yoga experience is required.


KIDS YOGA - Kids Yoga is fun and interactive  The children learn basic YOGA postures, creative and fun group YOGA games, Yoga Nidra (the sleep of YOGA) and once a month, we do a specialized class such as: Tea Ceremonies, Rock Mandalas or Walking meditations.  Kids Yoga ages are: 7-12 years. 



* Mentors: All the amazing YOGA teahers that I have been blessed to train with:

* Mindfullness & Meditation for Children - Ann Love of Mindful Moments - (6 hours) 2018

* Introduction to Iyengar - Vanessa Hewson (2 hours) 2018

* Mental Health First Aid YOUTH (16 hours) 2018

* Sensing Within Sidsel Hollingsworth - The Retreat Yoga - Yoga & Young Living Essential Oils Workshop (3 hours) 2018

* Donna Farhi - Befriending the Body - Befriending the Self (32.5 hours) 2018

* AUSTSWIM Certification 2017

* Energetic Presence - Vinyasa Class - Danielle Sherlock (3 hours) 2017

* Strengthen Your Asana - (AYA) - Jodi Sheafe (3 hours) 2017

* Winter Warmer Workshop - Sidsel Yoga - Young Living 100% pure grade essential oils (3 hours), 2017

* Public Master Class  - Simon Borg-Olivier (3 hours) 2017

* Supported Restorative Yoga Teacher Training, Australian College of Classical Yoga (5.5 hours), 2017

* Post Graduate Yoga Teacher Training, Ihana Yoga (150 hours), 2016 

* Level 2 First Aid, CPR, Asthma & Anaphylaxis, 2016/2017

* Certificate in Safeguarding Children YMCA VIC, 2016

* Working with Children Check VIC 

* Advanced Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training, Australian Yoga Academy (350 hours)

* Personalize your practice Sidsel Yoga @ Time for YOGA, Armadale (4 hours)

* Australian Yoga Conference, Sydney, Leslie Kaminoff, (14 hours)

* Connecting to the Core Workshop (AYA): Margaux Lovett (5 hours)

* The Art of Adjustment @ Ihana Yoga: Jenni Morrison Jack (5 hours)

* The Art of Adjustment @ Australian Yoga Academy: Dominique Salerno (5 hours) 

* YIN A Whole Body Flow, Mysan Sidbo (AYA) Master Class (8 hours)

* Certificate in Equine Myofunctional Therapy, National College of Traditional Medicine 

* Declor Spa Treatment Certificate, DECLEOR